Thursday, February 23, 2012

Curry Buns

This is one of popular savory deep fried bread in Japan.
It is made of slightly sweet dough, filled with hot thick curry.

My friend asked me to make Japanese curry buns. Then I made it for him and his friends. I arranged the shape. It is usually round shape. But I made it long shape to cut and share easily with 15 people.

To make curry filling, chop off all  vegetable. And make it very thick. I used mince beef, onion, carrot, potato, zucchini for curry. I made it day before make the dough. Because curry filling has to be cold in the fridge to wrap with the dough.
The dough is like doughnuts. To make crispy crust, I add baking powder.
And when I proof the dough before fry, I keep it dry. Usually I keep not to dry the dough all the time. But It is better dry dough surface, it makes crispy in the deep fry oil.

Only one thing to care!!  If the dough is not sealed properly, the bun will burst in the oil, which ends up to be quite a mess (oil seeps in, filling seeps out).

Curry Buns
Bread Flour 240g
Plain Flour 60g
Baking Powder 5g
Dried Yeast 3g
Sugar 25g
Salt 5g
Unsalted butter 30g
Water 185cc

Very Thick Curry Sauce (Kept in the fridge)

Bread crumb

1. In the mixer or bread machine, combine the all dough ingredients. Mix it 15 minutes till it becomes smooth and elastic. 

2.   Put it into the container, then proof it at warm place (30℃) till it becomes bigger size (about 1hour).

3. Pour the dough onto floured counter. Deflate and preshape it.Divide into 55g ball each.  Let it rest with cover for 20minutes.

4. Shape them.

A. deflate a ball with your palm. Make 10cm round with the rolling pin.
B. Place the curry filling on the side.
C. Fold over as pulling the dough.
D. Seal it with your finger tips. Try not to touch the filling to seal properly.
Roll and make nice shape.

5. Soak in to water, dip into and cover with bread crumbs. 
Put them on the wire rack. 
 6. Place them on the warm place (30℃) without steam.
Keep them dry.

7. Preheat the deep fry oil at 180℃.
Deep fry them 90seconds each side. 

8. Cool them down on the wire rack. 

It is posted at Yeastspotting. 

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