Monday, June 11, 2012

Hot Dragon Tail

I really wanted to try '' Dragon tail '' shape.

One day, I made it with bacon and sourdough. But sourdough crust was too heavy. So I needed to change the recipe. I was thinking about dragon tail all day... the dough should be buttery, dragon, dragon, dragon...
Then I got some idea to make it real dragon tail.

I add chili sauce to make it hot!
The dough is buttery and folded garlic butter to make it like pastry.
I sprinkled smoked salt before baking.
The hot and garlic buttery dough make nice combination with salami.

When I folded butter I just applied garlic butter on the dough. I don't wanna make the recipe difficult.
And I folded twice, because I made it small.

I think that quite dragonish : )

It was quite spicy and garlic taste. I think boys like these style with drinks.

If you don't like hot stuff, you could make it without chili sauce, or add more!!

I hope you could understand my messy instruction. When I was writing this recipe, I was confusing myself!!

Hot Dragon Tail (make 3 small ones)
Sourdough starter
80g Bread flour
90g Water
1 table spoon beer yeast or pinch of yeast

Final dough
320g bread flour
8g Salt
15g Sugar
50g Unsalted Butter (melted)
1 egg + water 140g - 160g
Sourdough starter
2 tea spoon of chili sauce

100g Garlic Butter (softened)
Slices of salami

Smoked salt or Rock salt

1. The day before, in a container, combine flour, water and sourdough starter and stir. Set it 6-10 hours to ripen at room temperature.

2. In the mixer or bread machine, combine flour, salt and sugar. Add chili sauce and water + egg, sour dough starter. Mix it 8 minute till it becomes smooth and elastic. Add butter and knead it another 10minutes.
3. Put it into the container, then proof it at warm place (30℃) till it becomes bigger size (about 8 - 12 hours).
It took 24 hours at 12℃.

4. Pour the dough onto floured counter, then deflate it, knead briefly. divide in to 3 and make them balls roughly and let rest, covered, for 15 minutes.
5. Folding garlic butter.
①Roll out the dough with a rolling pin.
②Make it 30cm x 15cm.
③Apply the softened garlic butter.
④Fold 1/3 right side and left side.
Turn it 90 degrees, and do it ①-④ (folding butter twice)
Wrap it up with plastic wrap. Rest them in to the fridge for 30 minutes.

The same instruction with another 2.

6. Fold the salami.
A. Take out the dough from fridge. On the floured counter. roll out the dough with the rolling pin. Make it 20cm x 15cm.

B. Place the slices of salami.

 C & D. Fold the edges and then, O part.
 E. The bottom part as well.
 F & G. Turn it 90 degrees. Fold 1/3 up-side and bottom-side.
H. Fold up-side and seal it well. Apply the water to male it tight sealing.
I. Roll it and make it nice shape.

7.  Place it into warm place for 60 - 90 minutes.
Meanwhile preheat oven at 200℃. Spray water before bake it.

8. Make the dough dragon tail shape.
 J & K. Cut the dough on 3/4. Don't cut it off completely!

L. Fold it back side. Do it over and over.
You can see the 2 layer. You need stick the salami with the part of the dough.
Otherwise, salami comes out.

 M & N. Edge pieces.

9. Sprinkle smoked salt or rock salt.

10. Spry water before baking.
Bake it at 190℃ for 10 minutes, and 180 ℃ for 10 - 15minutes, until it becomes brown.

11. Cool it down on the wired rack.

It is placed at Yeastspotting.


  1. Hi, no egg wash? Why spray water ? What's the purpose?

    1. I didnt put egg wash before bake. but you can put it on. it looks better.

      Spraying water before baking, it makes crispy crust. I like crispy crust.
      But if I put egg wash without spraying water before baking, it became soft crust.

      All purpose flour contains 10 - 11% gluten protein. Bread flour contains 11- 14% gluten protein.