Monday, August 26, 2013

Home made Butter

Home made butter.....It is super easy !! Just whip heavy cream until it separates butter and water.
I made electric mixer version and bottle shaking version.

Shake 100 ml heavy cream in a bottle, whipped 300 ml heavy cream in a bowl with electric mixer.

If you make big amount of butter, you should use electric mixer. It would be better for your arm  : )

I got 240 g butter from 400 ml of heavy cream.

I made salted butter, honey butter and smoked-salted butter.

Salted butter

Honey butter

Smoked-salted butter

I had salted butter on my wholemeal sourdough toast ; ) 

Home made Butter

400 ml heavy cream
Salt ( optional ) 

1. In the bowl, whip heavy milk until it separates butter and water.

Just keep whipping, it becomes crumble. Then it separates butter and water.

2. Place kitchen towel on a colander over a bowl, then strain buttermilk off.
I kept the buttermilk, and added into my sourdough.
Use your hand and press out butter milk.

3. Transfer butter into bowl, mix with salt optional.

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