Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quinua Sourdough

If you are looking for gluten -free bread, I am sorry this recipe is NOT. 

Quinoa is known as a grain that is used in many South American dishes, is high in protein and is gluten-free. Plus, it contains lots of amino acid. It is suitable for healthy diet. 

I often cook rice with quinua. I tried make sourdough bread with quinua. It taste nutty flavor and strong springy texture. It is nice to have taste with olive oil. 

I have white and black quinua. 

Quinua Sourdough

Quinua 100g 
Water 200cc

Rinse the quinua well under cold water and drain. Put the quinua and water into a small sauce pan. Cover and bring to boil. Once it starts to boil, turn the heat down to a simmer. Set the lid ajar to prevent boiling over. Simmer 8 - 10 minutes until water evaporates. Turn the heat off, leave the sauce pan on it for 5 minutes for steaming.

Cool the quinua down completely before using for bread dough.

Final dough 
Sourdough starter 200g  (Flour 100g Water 100cc)
High grade flour 350g 
Wholemeal flour 50g 
Salt 10g 
Water 230
Cooked Quinua 

1. Combine final dough ingredients in a mixing bowl. Knead it with dough hook for 8 minutes.
Add cooked quinua, knead them until it is combined well.

Check the dough development, see below '' windowpane test ''

2. Put the dough into a oil coated bowl with cover.  Let it proof it at the room temperature, fold it 100 minutes, 60 minutes. Leave it 6 - 8 hours until it gets double size at the room temperature.

3. Pour the dough on the floured counter, deflate briefly. Shape it oval shape. Set it in the basket with bottom-side up.

4. Cover the basket, let it rise for 1 hour at 25 degrees.

5. Preheat the oven with baking tray at 250 degrees.
Take out baking tray, sprinkle flour on it. Please be care full handle with the HOT baking tray.
Turn the dough over on the baking tray.

6. Bake it at 250 degrees with steam for 15 minutes, and 180 degrees without steam for 15 minutes. Turn the switch off, leave it another 8 minutes with ajar.

It is placed at Yeastspotting.

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