Monday, September 30, 2013

Black pepper cheese Rusk

I sometime have bread not fresh anymore. Because I bake bread again and again.
Today I made Rusk.

I have never seen Rusk in NZ. Rusk is twice-baked bread, crispy, sometime hard. It is similar with Biscotti. 

  • In Japan, Rusk is ideal for present. It is sold in package one by one. There is lots of flavor. Sugar butter is one of typical flavor. Maple, cinnamon, green tea, vanilla, garlic, pepper...and so on. 

I made Rusk with my Spinach bread. 
There are important tips,

  • Slice bread evenly
  • it is baked in low temperature like drying out

If you bake too long, it would be burn and hard texture.

This is savory rusk, it could match with wine and beer. 

Black pepper rusk

Your choice of bread

Butter 100 g (Soften)
Black pepper 4 g 
Edam cheese 45 g (grated)
Salt pinch

1. Slice bread 1.5 cm thick each evenly. If you got big loaf, you can cut slices in to 4.

2. Soften and cream butter in the bowl, add grated Edam cheese, pepper and salt, then combine well.

3. Spread the butter mixture on the slice.

 4. Place them on the baking tray. Preheat oven at 140℃.
Bake them 140℃ for 60 - 80 minutes.

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