Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Walnut Rye Bagel

I think I make walnuts and rye bread many times, because it is one of my favorite bread.
Today, I made the bagel version.

I held baking class at home. Bagel is the one of most popular request at the my baking class.
I had Honey Bagel recipe. There is more detail how to shape bagel.

Do you know what kind of effect bagel get as boiling it before bake?

By boiling the dough, the starch by the surface get gelatinized itself and create the coating.  That makes bagel surface crispy.

And also the bagel gets proof with boiling temperature. It won't proof much during baking.
The surface is already hard, then crumb has got limit to proof in the oven. That makes chewy and doughy texture.

Boiling Bagel
  • To make crispy crust
  • To make chewy and doughy....
I used muscovado sugar to make it dark color and strong flavor.
My recipe makes 5 bagels. You can make double batch if you like.

Honey and butter on walnuts bagel and chocolate spread on it : ) That is my favorite.

Walnuts Rye Bagel
220 g High grade flour
30g Rye flour
10g Muscovado sugar or Brown sugar
5g Salt
5g Yeast
165g Water (warm)

70 g Walnuts

Boiling water
1 table spoon of sugar

1, Combine dough ingredients in to a large bowl. Knead it with your hand, until it becomes dough. Take it out onto the floured counter, knead it for 15 minutes until it gets elastic and smooth.
Spread the dough, put walnuts on it, knead it till dried fruits are just evenly incorporated into the dough.

2. Put it back into oil sprayed bowl. Put plastic cover on it. Place it warm place until it gets double size.

3. Pour the dough on the floured counter, deflate it gently. Divide it into 5 pieces (100g each). Make them ball shapes. Rest them for 15 minutes.
Meanwhile prepare boiling water in a large pan on stove.

4. Shape them ring shape.

There is more detail about how to shape bagel , here.

5. Set boiling water on low heat, boil bagels upside and backside  for 30 seconds each. Place them onto a wire lack to dry up roughly for 1minutes.

6. Preheat oven 190℃. 

7. Bake them immediately at 190℃ for 15 - 20 minutes until it becomes golden and brown. 


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