Friday, October 27, 2017

Bacon Epi

Pain d' Epi bread is known as the wheat stalk shape twisted baguette bread.   

In Japan, we created '' Bacon Epi ''  that is Epi shaped baguette rolled with the slice of bacon.

That is my husband's favorite, he asked me to make it so many times. I was busy for my little baby, I didn't have enough time for baking.
Now he got birthday. I decided to make bacon epi for his birthday present.

I got recipe Bacon onion cheese epi, here.
That is cheesy bacon rolled in buttery dough with instant dry yeast.

This is simple bacon epi recipe, bacon rolled in sourdough. Crispy crust, full of savory bacon flavor in your mouth.

I skip writing how to make sourdough ''dough'' .

Bacon Epi make 4

Sourdough starter
flour 100g 
water 100g 

flour 200g 
salt 6g 
water 100g 
sourdough starter 

4 slice of Bacon
 (you need cut into smaller if the bacon slice is too long. )

Egg wash 
egg +water or milk

1. Make sourdough. Once the dough became double-sized, fermented over-night, transfer the dough on the floured bench.
2. Divide it into 4 pieces. Round each piece of dough into rough ball by pulling the edge of the center.  Cover it to avoid drying out.
3. Let rest it for 20 - 30 minutes until the dough become loose.

4. On the floured surface, roll it out with the rolling pin. Make it 18 - 20 cm oval shape. (Cut the slice of bacon into smaller if it is bigger than the oval shape.)
Put the bacon on the dough.
Roll it down, seal it tightly. Put sealing side bottom on the baking tray.

5. Place it into warm place (30c) with cover to avoid to drying out.  Rise it for 1 hour until it becomes bigger size.
6. Preheat the oven 200c.
7. Forming it into Epi shape.
Cut the dough on 3/4 with the scissor. Don't cut it off completely.
Slide this piece on left, cut, slide it right, cut, slide it left.... continue to cut and slide until you have reached the end.

8. Brush egg wash, bake it 20 - 25 minutes at 200c until it becomes brown.

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