Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Choco Co Co Ring

What kind of chocolate do you like??

Milk chocolate? White chocolate? Dark one? Caramel one? Almond, macadamia nuts, crunchy...Lots of kind of chocolate!! It is difficult to choose only one.

I love dark chocolate. Especially high contain cocoa. Cocoa 70% !!! Bitter, intensity...bit sweet.

That is cocoa bread. Dark color by cocoa powder.

I made two kinds of chocolate rolls - 70% cocoa Ghana & Dark Orange Peel.
Ghana... bitter taste, Dark Orange... bitter and bit sweet  because of orange peels.

Put your favorite chocolate to make your own flavor.

Choco Co Co Ring

300g High grade flour
3 Table spoon of Cocoa(pure) powder
2 Table spoon of Sugar
1/2 Tea spoon of Salt
1 Tea spoon of instant Yeast
195cc Water (warm)
1 Table spoon of oil
Your Favorite Chocolate 60g (chopped)

1. Mix flours and sugar, salt, yeast, water into a bowl with your finger till it becomes hard to mix.
2.Place the dough into the floured counter, then knead it for 8 minutes. Then put oil into the dough, knead it another 5 minutes till it becomes smooth and elastic.
3. Spread the dough, put chopped chocolate onto it, knead it briefly till chocolate chips are just evenly incorporated into the dough.
4. Put the dough into a bowl with cover, place it warm place (35℃) till it becomes double size (about 1 hour).
5. Place the bowl into room temperature for 10 minutes, otherwise chocolate chip is melting because of proofing temperature.
6.Pour the dough onto floured counter, then deflate it, knead briefly. Divide into 6 pieces. Shape them rough balls.
7. Set the dough with cover for 20 minutes.
8.Reshape them into balls. 
   See the photo how to shape them!!
①Press them briefly to make shape.

8. Place it into warm place with spray water, rise them for 40 minutes.

9.Meanwhile preheat the oven at 220℃.

10. Put the dough into the oven with steam for 10 minutes at 190℃. Then bake it at 180℃ for 15 minutes.


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