Sunday, September 19, 2010


Grissini is the perfect party food.

It is a kind of Italian bread.
Crunchy, savory and you can pick up with your finger!

Choose your favorite flavor....plain, sesame, pepper, cream cheese, herbs....
Also dip olive oil, sour cream, basil paste...

I made Black Pepper Grissini for a party. 
Spicy and Crunchy... have some beer with it!! 

150g High grade flour
150g Plain flour
1 Table spoon of Sugar
1 Tea Spoon of Salt
1 Tea spoon of instant Yeast
185cc Water
1 Table spoon of Olive oil

Black pepper (coarse ground ) or Your favorite topping

1. Combine flours, sugar, salt, yeast, and water in a bowl. Mix with your finger  to roughly combine the ingredients.
2. Place the dough onto the floured counter, then knead it for 10 minutes till it becomes smooth and elastic.  
3. Put the dough into a bowl with cover, place it warm place (35℃) till it becomes double size (about 1 hours).
4. Pour the dough onto floured counter, then deflate it, knead briefly. Divide the dough into 2 pieces, them make rough balls.
5. Set the dough with cover for 15 minutes.
6. On a floured counter, spread the dough into  rectangles 20 x 25cm with a rolling pin.
7. Brush the dough with olive oil and sprinkle black pepper (or  your favorite topping).
8. With a pizza cutter or chef’s knife, cut the each dough into15.
9. Line a baking sheet onto baking tray. 
10. Pick up each strip of dough at the ends and gently stretch it to the length of the baking sheet. All 15 grissini should just fit on a baking tray.

11.  Place it into warm place with spray water, rise them for 30 minutes.
12. Meanwhile preheat a oven at 190℃. 
13. Bake them at 180℃ for 20minutes or untill well brown and crisp.

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