Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Banana Chocolate Sourdough Bites

I like riped Bananas, having black spots. I eat just a banana, make some baking stuff with banana.
Today, I tried make Banana Bread. My one is not banana Cake. See my ingredients, not much butter and sugar.
Yes, it is bread made from Sour dough.
This bread is sweet, because of Banana and Chocolate. It doesn't need lots of sugar.
I made it small bites, for having with tea or coffee.

You don't need put much water, because banana contains water.
When you knead the dough, at first it is quite stiff, but it is gonna be elastic later.
The final dough doesn't proof as much as other kinds of bread.

Banana Chocolate Sourdough Bites
200g High grade flour
100g Plain flour
30g Sugar
3g Salt
45cc Water
20g Butter (melted)
50g Sourdough starter
120g  Banana (mushed)
50g Chocolate chips

1. In a large bowl, mix final dough flours and sugar, salt. Add sourdough starter and water, mushed banana,  butter. Mix with your finger combine the ingredients till water and flour combined well.

Place the dough onto the floured counter, then knead it for 10 minutes till it becomes smooth and elastic.

2. Spread the dough, put chocolate chips on it, knead it briefly till chocolate chips are just evenly incorporated into the dough.

3. Put the dough into a container with cover, place it warm place (35℃) till it becomes 1.5 size (about 8 - 12hours). I set overnight.

4. Pour the dough onto floured counter, then deflate it, knead briefly. Make it rough ball, then cover with wet tea towel, set it for 20 minutes.

5. Spread the dough with a roll pin, cut into 2cm x 4cm.

6. Place it into warm place with spray water, rise it for 1 hour.

7. Preheat the oven at 200℃

8. Spray water, bake them at 200C for 15 - 20minutes, till becomes well brown.

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