Sunday, July 3, 2011

Butter Rolls

I made Butter Rolls. It is contained rich butter and egg. Soft crumble and rich taste. It takes a few minutes to shape, so it is suitable for something special meals. In japan, we call it Butter rolls. I used to have them as sandwich for breakfast or lunch.

You can create other shapes as you want. I got recipe how to shape other rolls, here.

I made roll shape. I write down how to make roll shapes on the recipe.
It contains 15% of butter. So bake them for short time at high temperature. It makes soft texture and nice coler. Just be careful not to overbake.

Butter Rolls
50g High grade flour
50cc Water
1 tea spoon of sourdough

Final dough
180g High grade flour
5g Salt
35g Sugar
10g Skim milk powder
45g Egg
45g Non salted Butter (melted)
80g Water
Egg Wash
Egg + Milk

1. In a container, mix all the poolish ingredients until just combined. Cover the container and let the poolish ferment at room temperature for about 12 hours or overnight. The poolish is ready to use when the surface is creased, and pebbled with bubbles.
2. In a large bowl, mix final dough flour and salt, sugar, skim milk powder. Add sourdough starter and egg, water. Mix with your finger combine the ingredients till water and flour combined well.

3. Place the dough onto the floured counter, then knead it for 10 minutes. Add melted butter, knead it another 10 minutes till it becomes smooth and elastic. (At frst, it might be stiff. But after add butter, the dough becomes elastic.)

4. Put the dough into a container with cover, place it warm place (35℃) till it becomes double size (about 8-12hours). I set overnight.

5. Pour the dough onto floured counter, then deflate it, knead briefly. Divide into 50g each. Shape them into rough balls.

6.Set the dough with cover for 20 minutes.

7. Shape into the rolls.

①Deflate and make it round.
②Fold up and bottom side.
③Fold over and seal it.
④Roll one side and make it like photo⑤.

⑥Set them with cover for 5 minutes.

⑦Press the head side and stick it on the counter.
⑧As pulling the tail side, roll down with a rolling pin.
⑨Then roll up as hold the tail side.
⑩Roll and roll over, make it about 25cm tryangle.

⑪Fold the head side little.
⑫Roll down as pulling the tail side.
⑬Place them onto a baking try (put baking sheet). The tail have to be bottom.

8. Place it into warm place with cover, rise them for 1 hour or 1.5 hours.

9. Meanwhile preheat the oven at 230℃.

10. Brush egg wash and bake them at 220℃ for 10-15minutes till becomes well brown.

11. Cool them down on a wired rack.

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