Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beer Sourdough

Beer and Bread have a common creation process. Yeast is used to turn sugar into alcohol.

I made sourdough starter from white flour and beer. I used NZ beer ''Tui''- it s kind of ale beer, quite brown, a bit bitter taste.
Different type of beer  can be made by using different beer...for example, dark beer makes a darker bread suit with rye flour.

Alcohol from beer is getting out, because alcohol  evaporate at 78.325℃. So you dont need to be worry about drunken.
When bread come out from the oven, it smell and taste a little bit beer. But once it get cool down, it just taste normal sourdough.

Beer Sourdough; 1 loaf

Beer Sourdough
1. 50g White flour + 50g Beer + 1 tea spoon of sourdough starter→ Mix together in a container , place it into warm place(27-29℃) for 12hours.
2. Add 50g white flour + 50g beer + 1tea spoon of honey →Mix together, place it into warm place for 12 hours

320g White flour
80g Wholemeal flour
140g Beer sourdough starter
6g Salt
12g Honey
200cc Water
20g Butter

1. Mix white flour and wholemeal flour, beer sourdough starter, salt, honey, water in a bowl. Stir with your finger till it become hard to mix.
2. Place it on the floured counter, then knead it for 10minutes. Add butter, knead it for another 5minutes till smooth and elastic.
3. Put the dough into a bowl with cover, place it into warm place till it becomes double size(24℃ 6h-8h).
That depends on temperature  and sourdough starter.

 4. Pour the dough onto floured counter, then deflate it, knead briefly, divide for 3 and  shape into 3 rough balls.
5. Let the dough sit with cover for 20minutes.

6. Shape into final balls.Put the balls into a loaf tin.

7. Let rise till double size. (place warm place 30℃ 1-2h)  Spray some water to avoid  to dry.

8.Spray some water again, put the dough into the preheated oven at 200℃ for 15minutes, then 180℃ for 20minutes.

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