Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunflower Seeds loaf

I prefer natural taste bread to sweet brioche.This loaf is a kind of natural taste. It is enjoyable seeds taste and aroma. It is specially suits for toast. Toasting makes it crispy and aroma, because of seeds.
I added wholemeal flour and macadamia nuts oil.Sunflower oil might suit better than nuts oil.I think it also suits with seeds.

Sunflower seeds in addition to linoleic acid. It is an essential fatty acid, rich in cholesterol-lowering pyhtosterols. And contain lots of Vitamin E.

Sunflower loaf; make 1 loaf

White flour 240g
Wholemeal flour 60g
Sourdough starter 135g
Sugar 1table spoon
Salt 1 tea spoon
Water 175g
Oil 1 table spoon
Sunflower seeds 50g + 10g

1, In a bowl, mix  white flour and wholemeal, sourdough starter,sugar, salt, water. Stir it with your finger till it becomes hard to mix.
2, place some extra flour onto the counter. Then knead the dough for 10 minutes.

3, Add oil, then knead the dough more 5 minutes till smooth and elastic(like the left photo).  Then add 50g of sunflower seeds, mix it.
4, Place the dough into a bowl with cover with plastic wrap. Then set aside warm place till it becomes double size.(for about 24℃5-6 hours) That s depends on temperature and the sourdough starter.
 5, Pour the dough onto lightly floured counter, then deflate it, knead briefly, and shape into rough loaf.
6, Let the dough sit, covered , for 30 minutes.
7, Shape in to final loaf. Spray some water and put 20g of sunflower seeds on the top of the dough. Put it into a oiled loaves tin.
8, Let rise, until double size.(about 30℃1-2hour)
9, place into a preheat oven at 200℃. Bake it 25-30minutes.

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